Advertise on the biggest holiday platform in the Netherlands & Belgium

Your accommodation is listed on the biggest holiday platform in the Netherlands. Zoover helps millions of users with finding their perfect holidays. Therefore, Zoover is the largest website with a very particular target audience: The Dutch & Belgium holidaymakers.

All accommodations are standard listed for free! But to grow your business and promote your accommodation on, we are offering 3 different promotion packages:

Zoover Basic promotion package

Zoover Premium promotion package

Zoover all inclusive promotion package

Be in control. Customers can reach you directly and share your social feed.

  • Zoover Standard listing
  • Top positioned: Website link
  • Top positioned: Phone number
  • Top positioned: E-mail address
  • Top positioned: Social links
  • Book directly button (+€ 299)
  • View example

Get in touch with the audience and promote your accommodation or services at the top of the page.

  • Zoover Basic promotion package
  • Sticky banner on the right
  • Book directly button (+€ 299)
  • View example

Claim your full page on Zoover. All banners are yours and invite them to book directly with you!

  • Zoover Premium promotion package
  • Exclusivity on all 3 banner positions
  • Inclusion in our newsletter (once a year)
  • Book directly button (+€ 0)
  • View example

€ 199 yearly

€ 399 yearly

€ 990 yearly

Each of the above promotions will be online for 1 (one) year and will be invoiced in advance. Depending on the package you choose, we will contact you to coordinate the data and the material. Submitting banners yourself is free of charge. If you are not able to submit the banners yourself we will create them for you. Please be aware that those cannot be changed according to your wishes.